Judging Guidance

For judging in 2023 we ask judges to consider the following:

Entry form
Are the questions in the entry form answered correctly?
When asked for metrics, are they supplied?
Do you have an understanding of the business from their entry alone or is it assumed you are meant to know who they are?
Was the space provided for answers utilised?

We ask you to check how mobile optimised and fast the websites are using the following tools:

Google site tester.
Pingdom speed test.

When you Google the company name, where is the company ranking and how much information from the website is showing.
Is the contact information easy to find.
Would you recommend this site to people as an example of how websites should be designed?

Does the profile picture contain their logo or is recognisable in a timeline amongst many other tweets?
Does the background image relate to the business/organisation
Is the frequency of updates consistent?
How much of the updates are their own tweets compared to Retweets?
Looking at the last 10 tweets, can you discern what the business/organisation does?
How much of the content is video?
Are hashtags overused?

Does the page have a short URL/username?
Compared to the number of Likes the page has, what is the engagement rate of the last 5 status updates?
Are status updates short and succinct so they can be read on a mobile?
Is video used? Are there captions on the video?
Are there calls to actions on the status updates?
Are images and videos professional looking?
Is there a noticeable theme to status updates?
To note: Like and Share competitions are against the terms and conditions of Facebook

Are the images of high quality? Are they photographs and videos and not graphics? Do the images fit the dimensions for Instagram?
How frequent are the updates?
Are hashtags used well? Hashtags left in comments to make the update look less cluttered is good practice.
Compared to the number of Likes on the account, what is the engagement rate around an update?
Is the username easy to remember/type?

How long are the videos/content provided?
Was your attention kept for at least the first 10 seconds?
Has the video/content been optimised for search? Keywords in the title, categories, description if on YouTube?
Does the video have captions? Can you understand it without sound?
Does the video have the right orientation?
Is there a call to action?

Is the profile professional looking? Do the profile pages have a professional looking photo? Can you understand what the company and the people do from a quick glance. Are they using keywords properly? Does it encourage the public to make contact with them? Are they sharing relevant content that would make you want to subscribe to their Page or Profile?

Strategy and Transformation
Is the need to use digital for the business explained? Are objectives and measurements clear and valid for a business? Are the metrics supplied useful to predict business success? Could their entries be used as a template for other businesses to also succeed in business?

For all categories we also ask the judges to score entries on how creative the content and the concept was.